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Peter J. Simon, CPA, CFP, LLC, LLC
Certified Public Accountant
Certified Financial Planner
PJS Financial Advisory Services, LLC

Taxes, Accounting, Financial Planning, Investment Advisory Services


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We believe that what sets our tax services apart from our competitors is our ability to uncover often overlooked tax savings opportunities that over a long-term relationship will pay for the cost of professional tax preparation and advice many times over. We are in the business of saving you money, not simply filling out tax forms. We do this by continually investing more time than is common in our industry in studying tax law and tax savings strategies and then creatively applying our tax expertise with a focus on identifying tax savings opportunities.

While we are dedicated to saving you money on your taxes, we are equally focused on minimizing audit risks. The tax law is often open to differing interpretations. We will use this to your advantage. However, we will always work within a reasonable interpretation of the law and will discuss with you the risks of any strategies we might recommend so that you are fully prepared to deal with them should you decide to employ our strategies.

We provide tax services for individuals, small businesses (including professional practices, consultants, etc.), estates and trusts, and non-profit entities. Click here to find out more about our tax services and click case studies for examples of how we have helped our clients.


We believe the most important distinctions between us and others offering financial planning and investment advisory services are that we have a broad expertise in key areas affecting personal finances upon which to draw when advising our clients regarding their personal finances and our only interest (we have none of the conflicts of interest typical in the financial services industry) is helping our clients make the best financial decisions leading to their long-term financial security and prosperity.

We have expertise in income and estate taxation, preparing customized financial projections (for retirement, college, and various other purposes), investment management, personal finance, and college financial aid. We are knowledgeable in Medicaid eligibility, divorce issues, non-tax issues associated with estate planning, and life and long-term care insurance.

We charge on a fee only basis, therefore, our interests are not at odds with those of our clients. Our only incentive is to keep our clients happy so they will stay with us for the long-term and refer other equally qualified clients to us.

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We are entrepreneurs as well as accountants. We believe that accounting used with an entrepreneurial mind set can be very useful in building both the top and bottom line of a business. We believe that going beyond preparing accounting records to interpreting accounting records for use in enhancing the after tax profitability of a business is where we can provide the most value and create the greatest distinction versus our competition.

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