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Areas of Specialization

Assisting clients develop an investment strategy designed to meet their goals without taking more risk than they should be taking or are comfortable taking

Basing investment strategies on solid academic research

Integrating tax and investment planning to achieve optimal after tax results

Evaluating whether a family has a chance to qualify for college financial aid and, for those who qualify, assisting them minimize their expected family contributions under the FAFSA and Profile formulas

Assisting individuals determine if they have sufficient resources to retire given their desired retirement lifestyles

We assist our clients with a wide spectrum of personal financial issues that range from narrow financial questions -- such as whether to cancel a cash-value life insurance policy or how to finance the purchase of a vacation home -- to major financial issues such as preparing a retirement plan, preparing an investment plan designed to make the retirement plan work, and then providing ongoing investment management to implement and monitor the plan and make sure its working with the retirement plan.

The advantages to you of using PJS Financial Advisory Services, LLC financial planning services include:

  • For those of you of any age we help you make decisions regarding mortgages, insurance policies, leasing versus buying, selling appreciated stock, exercising stock options, setting up emergency funds, managing cash flow, and many other financial decisions that you may be faced with.

  • For those in your twenties (or who have children in their twenties) we show you how the time value of money, tax deferral, and a prudent investment strategy can help you become financially independent.

  • For those of you with young children, we assist you set up a tax-advantaged savings and investing plan to pay for your children’s college educations.

  • For those of you who may be a candidate for college financial aid, we can run a financial aid test. If we conclude you could be a candidate for financial aid, we will design your college savings and investment plan so that you will not lose financial aid.

  • If your children are nearing college and you are a candidate for financial aid, we can advise you as to how to maximize your financial aid based on the FAFSA and Institutional financial aid formulas.

  • For those of you planning for college for your kids, we can show you the impact of pre-funding versus taking college loans to pay for college on your ability to retire so that you can make informed choices as to how much money you save versus spend and how you invest your precious savings.

  • For those of you approaching retirement, we can show you how much you can spend, which assets you should spend first, and how you should invest your money in order to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that you can retire without worrying about outliving your financial resources.

  • For those of you who are retired or in the process of retiring, we can help you make the best decisions regarding pension and annuity payment options and taking distributions from profit sharing plans, 401k (or 403b) plans, and various types of individual retirement accounts.

  • For those of you who are retired (or have retired parents), we can show you how to avoid or minimize the amount of your assets or your parents’ assets (your inheritance) going to pay for long-term care.

Services are provided through PJS Financial Advisory Services, LLC (A Registered Investment Advisory Firm)