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Areas of Specialization

Saving taxes for high income individuals and small businesses

IRS audits of estates, individuals and small businesses

New York State audits of non-resident high income individuals

Saving taxes for estates and trusts

Distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts and Qualified Retirement Plans, including minimum required distributions

Tax and accounting services for medical and legal professional service firms

Executive compensation (non-qualified stock options, incentive stock options, restricted stock)

QuickBooks training and support

The advantages to you of using Peter J. Simon, CPA, CFP, LLC accounting services include:

  • Help you understand how to use your accounting information to increase your business revenue and decrease your business expenses.

  • Provide you with accurate and timely accounting information for you to use in managing your business.

  • Help you obtain the financing you need by preparing financial statements and explaining your business to prospective lenders.

  • Reduce your bookkeeping and accounting costs by training your bookkeeper to be quicker and more accurate resulting in your bookkeeper being able to do more for you for the same cost to you and reducing your cost of Certified Professional Accountant fees for fixing bookkeeping errors.

  • Assist you with setting up an accounting system and selection of accounting software and other important decisions when starting a business.

  • Design internal control procedures to minimize the chance of improprieties.


Services are provided through the Accounting Firm of Peter J. Simon, CPA, CFP, LLC